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Hans-Jürgen Koch

We mourn


Mr. Koch joined his parents' company at the age of 21. He continued and successfully completed his studies at the Technical University in Karlsruhe while he was working in the company.

We were particularly fascinated by his impressive technical knowledge. In connection with his sensitive corporate policy, the company was able to grow into one of the most respected specialists in developing, manufacturing and the sale of flat roof accessories. When building with membranes and textile structures was still young, he supported the growth and popularity of this construction style with numerous technical developments. As a member of various committees and associations, Mr. Koch was able to share and contribute his expertise and knowledge to the building industry.

Mr. Hans-Jürgen Koch was held in high esteem by employees, customers, suppliers and - which is not a matter of course - by market participants as well. Disputes were far from his mind. Rather, he understood it as his primary goal to develop high-quality products and to realize demanding projects to the complete satisfaction of the customers and to deal with all partners in an open and fair manner. A valued business partner had described him as a 'man with handshake qualities'.

The great trust placed in him by those around him, paved the way for even master difficult times in business live. His tireless commitment to the company helped him with all of that and has been admirable to the end.

Early on, Mr. Koch had organized the family business in such a way that even now, after this painful loss, the companies can be continued in his spirit by his two sons.

We are infinitely grateful to Mr. Hans-Jürgen Koch for the many beautiful and also successful years together, in which he always met us at eye level and we were able to experience his honest appreciation.


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