b/s/t Closing-Solution

As a useful and practical addition to the b/s/t Cable Cowls and Energy Supplies, these products include as of now a matching pipe-sealing plug made out of PE-Foam called "Dichtungsstopfen". 


This "Dichtungsstopfen" can be used during the construction phase purely to shut the openings especially if no cables have been laid yet.


In addition, the "Dichtungsstopfen" is already provided with a thin cut so that it can be used directly for thinner cables. If there are thicker cables or cable bundles, the required opening itself can be expanded and adapted individually by cutting out the foam.


Installation instructions are included with each "Dichtungsstopfen" and explain the handling and possible ways of use. 



Like all of our b/s/t flat roof accessories parts, the "Dichtungsstopfen" has been designed and developed for long-term and safe use on flat roofs.

Installation example: Energy feed-through with sealing plugs and cables

View from below with cut

View from below with cables

Installation at b/s/t Energy Supply

 b/s/t Energy Supply with cables

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