Rescue Kit 20 m

SKU 768-IKRS20


The kit contains:
- ABS3WH controlled descent device with rescue lifting facility
- automatic speed regulation for lower off
- 1.0 m webbing anchorage sling
- steel IKV 13 screw-gate karabiner as connection device
- remote reach pole - 307 cm x 2,5 cm x 2,5 cm (extended), 81 cm x 2,5 cm x 2,5 cm (retracted), with clamp to keep the rope karabiner hook in open position
- rescue ditstance up to 5.0 m
- 10 mm diameter kernmantle rope (length of rope: 20.0 m) with small double action hooks at each end
- edge rope protection plate for rescue application over roof edge
- purpose made rescue tackle bag
- detailed information/instruction card
- weight 6.2 kg only