b/s/t PE Emergency Overflow Drain RS

SKU PE135-900


Special built 900x100 mm (inside dimension), material thickness 5 mm.
Material: PE (Polyethylene) (color: black), high impact strength, UV-stabilized.
Inner width more than 500 mm: built with one stabilizing bar.
Inner width more than 800 mm: built with two stabilizing bars.
Dam level 50 mm and more: with straight base plate.
Dam level 15 – 45 mm: with bent base plate. Dam level as specified by customer.
With factory attached membrane (PVC-based) as specified. Please order membrane flange separately.
For special requests and variations on this product, a drawing is required.

Rectangular Emergency Overflow /Parapet Drains

Flow Rate Q [l/s]

The pressure level [mm] of the water is important for the drainage capacity. The greater the pressure level, the greater the drainage capacity. In order to determine the pressure level, the maximum permissible water level on the roof must be known.